Ashtanga and Jivamukti Yoga in Geneva

If you ask me what is it that I do, I will reply “I do my utter best to live life fully”. Yet, for a living, I  teach yoga and pour my heart into every class.

A session can be at times vigorous, at others, softer, always still constructed in a fluid manner, a vinyasa flow. Alignement is an important component to this practice, yet a conscious breath linked to the movement is the key. Focus will come as well as sharpen with time and practice, no doubt. The beginning of meditation.

Most times, music will be played, subtle alignement quotes will be given to invite you to go deeper into the body and eventually quiet the mind. Only by my voice you will be guided in order to allow you to look in. All classes are hands on, during which physical adjustments are given to help find a deeper expression of a pose, if not, with a very soft touch simply invite ease and release tensions.

Come and join, you are welcome,

Hari OM