Joanna Louise were the names “given” to me for this life and I inherited Lancaster as a surname…lovingly teasing me, I have been nicknamed Ladyjo by friends, they say though I am a local here in Switzerland, my “Britishness” stands out.

My big love? Cycling through cities or on country roads, especially at the crack of dawn, before night has completely vanished, when lampposts switch off and announce a new day. Spending a lot time the kitchen creating dishes, for myself or loved ones, is an immense joy. Spooning freshly prepared almond milk froth out of the blender is a simple delight I relish.

At 17, I started hanging out with some Sadhus, on the Gats of Varanasi, with no idea who those Holy Men were. Time in their presence was just “cool” and uplifting to me. It took another few trips to the Mother and a lot of convincing before I dared lay a foot on a yoga mat……

Alignement based I practiced during my twenties, then Ashtanga and Jivamukti Yoga stole my heart…. my teachers, Sharath Jois, Sharon Gannon and David Life, Prem and Radha, I return to often. Between Switzerland, Bali, India and the US my life is mostly spent. To be at the feet of my mentors I admire and bow to, is simply vital to me. Also, to be in the presence of fellow students with whom love to share happy and blissful times. The best food for the soul, Give Thanks to all!