In India, Everything is Possible

thumb_IMG_2647_1024Where rabies and scab full dogs run around wild, as well as others perfectly groomed are walked on leashes

Where hawkers sell spinach from bags hanging on handlebars of old English styled bicycles and the hardly known broccoli is going stale on shelves of pristine shopping malls

Where women stroll down the neighbourhood in their nighties, whilst others never step out of their mansions or extravagant cars

Where street ear cleaners operate from a plastic stool on the roadside when ultra modern private hospitals are filled with cosmetic holidayers

Where one can nibble anytime of the day or night at freshly cook street food for less than 50 cts and dine in the finest opulent restaurants

Where the latest technology is found as well as produced but still many households are not yet equipped with electricity

Where cows are holy and most won’t eat them but worship them, yet the most bovine leather is produced

Where the crippled have wooden plates splintering in their hands to drag themselves through the dust and distance, whilst some of the latest prothesis are conceived

Where the smell of burning rubbish and urine is covered by divine scents of the finest incens

Where one can drink a cup of tea made from a street stall just as well as sip coffee from an air-conditioned cafe watching the first scene

Where one can draw cash from a distributor but having to step over the still asleep and bed less watchman

Where drunken lads fall over or walk around with dead sneaks around their necks and wealthy business men share the same pavement with sheer indifference

Where one can sleep at his workplace, on the counter or footpath without being bothered or even out of place as well as in the most luxurious palaces ever seen on earth

Where dead corps lie on the ground unnoticed whilst lively children play cricket cheerfully just a couple of meters away

“In India, everything is possible!”

Ladyjo, Mysore 2015

Walls Talk


Kovalam, February 2017

Could the beginner’s mind, for the student, be the beginner’s eye for the well travelled?

Hard, to tell, as well as hard to maintain….

This is not said proudly, but a majestic out of the ordinary temple can become just a temple amongst many.

An exotic merchant in a fascinating and foreign scenery, could just become a common sight to the often returning wanderer….

Has one become blasé or is one so spoilt, that the once alluring is no more enjoyable or noticeable?


Yet, not being able to maintain the beginner’s eye, as shameful as could be, might just be, piercing through another layer, going deeper and reaching another plane?


India I see. I see what I used to see, yet, also lay my eyes on what I used to fail to grasp….

I see, I see.

Walls talk.




A Sight for Sore Eyes…


One of my favourite pictures taken in India, many years back. A Delhi wall, so insignificant if passed by hastily, yet if you give time to the heart to grasp the street art, it is Pandora’s box you will open! Dive in, enjoy the ride.

And to feed the soul, by kindling the ear, click on PLAYLISTS and let your heart dance.

Hari Om and blessings,




Playlists… Finally!!!

Eureka! I am so grateful for the support team of WordPress… They have guided me so patiently all through the creation of my website when in India. Seriously I can be so thick when it comes to technology at times. Yet no parties never lost their faith and their sens of humour during the process, it has always been pretty hilarious to deal with theses guys.

Give me a hammer and nails I will be fine, yet a computer… well no point going any further.

So that is it! I finally managed to publish two of my old playlists. And I lost most of the beautiful ones I made for “One Love Two Teachers” workshops amongst others. One of my daft manipulations synchronising the library with my I-Pod. That I have also lost altogether too! Guess it’s all about making new ones now and finding a second hand I-pod… does anybody have one to spare?

Will work on making public my more recent ones this week. So hang in there! You soon will no more need to record with Shazam during class… just click on the Playlist Menu and get those feet moving.


Love, patience and hammers for ever!



Sound Healing Festival in Geneva

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 13.47.52

Celebrating life with sounds and vibrations!
24 – 25 & 26 March 2017

At the Domaine  “Château de Collex – Geneva”


Join us for the very first edition of the Sound Healing Festival, which will bring together some fifteen musicians, therapists and teachers from all over the world.

During this weekend we offer you the opportunity to discover the magic of sound vibration as a means of self-expression and as a therapeutic tool.
The musicians and therapists were chosen in order to allow us to reconnect with our inner joy and celebrate life. They will present us various sound approaches such as mantras, crystal chalices, kirtans, world music – approaches accessible to all, for connoisseurs as for the neophytes.

We also offer different approaches to yoga: kundalini yoga with Amir Jaan, vinyasa flow with Sheila Chacko and Jivamukti yoga with Joanna Lancaster. The body is our earthly vehicle, our sacred temple, which allows us to be in action and in motion. You are offered the opportunity to cultivate Wellbeing in its wholeness in order to support and consolidate the transformation by sound.

And to re-energize the body and the mind, we collaborate – among others – with Benjamin Ries, who will give you the opportunity to discover his live cooking at any time of the day.

A Book

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 13.55.22

“The Palace of Illusions”

A novel. A take on a passage of the Bhagavad Gita from a feminine stand point of view. Such great way to get familiar with the numerous characters of the Gospel of the Yogis. Elegantly written and infused with life lessons….. by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.

… On Indrakila mountain, where the air is like crystal, Arjun meditated and prayed to Shiva. But Shiva did not Answer. Instead, a wild boar charged him from a copse. Arjun lifted the Gandiva bow, but as he shot, a different arrow flew through the air and struck the boar dead. Enraged by this encroachment, Arjun turned to find a man dressed in skins. He didn’t seem intimidated by Arjun’s threats. When Arjun in his anger shot at him, all his arrows – even his divine astray – fell useless at the hunter’s feet, whereas each arrow of the hunter found its target.

“There I was, bleeding, while the hunter mocked me,” Arjun would tell us later, his voice conveying his astonished outrage. “I, who hadn’t been touched by an arrow since I completed my studies with Drona! I prayed to Shiva for help, but nothing happened. My heart sank”.

Dispirited, he made a garland from wildflowers and offered it to an earthen image of the god in a final attempt to please him. But when he opened his eyes, the garland was gone. “I was sure the God had abandoned me,” he said. “Then I saw the garland –  it was around the neck of the hunter, who glowed with a golden light!”

Understanding Shiva’s play, he fell at his feet. The god embraced him and gave him the dreaded Pasupat, asking only that he use it in righteous war…….

Such a good read.

Hari Om,



Quenching Fizziness


You like fruity bubbles too? And don’t wish to indulge in bad sugar, maybe you will enjoy me…. the pomegranate spritzer.

You don’t need much:

  • a pomegranate
  • some fresh mint
  • fizzy water

The trick with theses thick skin fruits, is to know how to get into them! And then extract their goodness. This is how to master the de-seeding of this queen.

I like to crush some of the seeds, juice them, it adds that little bit of flavour to the beverage. Fill to 3/4 a glass with soda water, then add some red liquid (not the juice first, other wise you will end up with heaps of foam), finally sprinkle with seeds and mint. Not sweetening it keeps it very refreshing….. but if you really have to, do consider maple syrup or  liquid palm coconut nectar.

Also, did you know, this red goddess if a powerful antioxydant, a natural blood thiner, fights anaemia and so much more?

Plenty of good reasons to get hooked on pomegranate. Crack one open!

Love, seeds and cracked open hearts,




Here we go again!


I have finally decided to have a cyber space of my own…. “One Love Two Teachers” will continue to exist and from now on, in parallel, will be feeding this virtual space with recipes and stories of my solo travels…..

As long as I don’t day dream or contemplate emptiness too much!

I shall see you in the Spring in Switzerland or maybeimg_2416 somewhere on route between India and Bali.

Nuff Love,